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Will strong markets continue?

It is a pivotal week for politics and the market.

3rd Quarter Newsletter

In case you didn't catch the 3rd Quarter Newsletter in your email, I have posted it here.  

Brexit Effects on Us, Thoughts Going Forward

What a wild last five days in the market, huh?  Today (Tuesday) we are seeing the major indices in the green.  The real question is if this is a bottom or just a breather with more downward pressure to come. 

The data and information below come from a research firm I subscribe to called the Sherman Sheet. 

In the markets:

The second quarter is coming to a close...

Well, the year is almost halfway over!  Time truly flies when you are having fun.  We have many new happenings in the office this summer--including the occasional visit from my new hunting dog, Stella (you can see pictures of her on my Twitter and Facebook pages).  Time to get down to business and let you know what has been going on... 

More Info on the Market Last Week

Hello again! This summer I am trying to incorporate some new videos to my website and social media networks.  Given the nature of technology, this video was recorded last Friday but we have had troubles getting it uploaded until today.

Turn Up The Heat - Or Did They Already?

June update from Jason

Summer is here!  After the heat wave this weekend, the rain and cooler temps were a nice refresher.  Check out what the market is doing this warm season. 

Happy Anniversary Tracey Paulson! Ten Long Years With Jason!

A little update from the office for you this afternoon.

The Start Of 2016 - Thoughts On Where We Are Headed

Hello and Happy New Year.  In light of the uncertainty in the investment markets recently I felt it was important to include some thoughts on last year and what I expect to come in 2016.

They Finally Did It, What Do Rising Rates Mean?

Hello and Merry Christmas to all of you.

Time to sit down and write a few thoughts out before we close the year.  I've been watching the market go up and down for all of 2015 and we are closing in on the final numbers for the year. 

A quick refresher: 

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