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Fed Stands Pat for Another Meeting

Checking in with all of you after the session on Thursday afternoon, the 17th of September.  We made it through yet another Fed meeting today without an interest rate increase.  Many economists felt that we were due for a rate increase this time around.  They were wrong.  Some cite global turbulence and inflation data here in the US as reasons why a rate hike is not in order

It's Been Too Long...

Where does the time go?  After spending much time and money completely revamping the practice last year, including technology and this website, it was my New Year's Resolution to do a much better job of staying in touch.  I glance at the calendar as I write and it says we are almost done with August.  It is a good thing my diet and exercise resolutions haven't suffered li

Beginning of October, What Is This Market Going To Do?

As the saying goes, if I had the answer to that question, I wouldn't need to work.  As I type this on Thursday afternoon, the 9th of October, I read a headline that says, "US Stocks Slump a Day After Biggest Gains of Year."  If you follow the markets even casually you may have caught a headline or two this year about the Dow Jones hitting an all time high, correct? 

Feedback From A Client About The Last Blog

So, I'm visiting with a client today, who happens to be a good friend, and she says, "You know those blogs you do from time to time, I never read them.  They are boring."  WOW!  Thanks a lot right?  I laughed, and then asked if she thought I should blog about my dog or something....she kind of chuckled and said, "Well, yes, that would be more interesting.&

Checking In - First Post on the New Website - Hope You Enjoy!

It is late July and it's time to check in with a mid-year market review and a few thoughts on investing for the rest of the year.  I have had the pleasure of attending several good conferences this spring and listening to the opinions of many in the industry.  There are some prevailing concerns amongst financial advisors and they are not much different than any other year:  i

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