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Mid Year 2018 Update From Jason

It’s a new quarter, it’s halfway through the year….time for an update from Alternative Strategies Group.

What is in the news that has you concerned so far this year?

Are Stock Prices Too High?

I Googled' it:  "about 16,900,000 results"  So, do you think there might be some opinions on the stock market hitting all-time highs right now?

Post Election Thoughts Late Nov 2016

The days are getting shorter, the Thanksgiving leftovers are almost gone (the pie was gone a few days ago), and before we know it another year will be in the books.                                          

A Late Summer Market Discussion

Greetings everyone.  I hope these last few days of August find you well.  It is still very much summer in the Midwest with typical heat and humidity in the Sioux Falls area heading into Labor Day weekend.

Here is a truncated look at the markets from last week, thanks to our friends at the Sherman Sheet in St Louis.  I will close with some thoughts on the week ahead.

Turn Up The Heat - Or Did They Already?

June update from Jason

Summer is here!  After the heat wave this weekend, the rain and cooler temps were a nice refresher.  Check out what the market is doing this warm season. 

The Start Of 2016 - Thoughts On Where We Are Headed

Hello and Happy New Year.  In light of the uncertainty in the investment markets recently I felt it was important to include some thoughts on last year and what I expect to come in 2016.

Fed Stands Pat for Another Meeting

Checking in with all of you after the session on Thursday afternoon, the 17th of September.  We made it through yet another Fed meeting today without an interest rate increase.  Many economists felt that we were due for a rate increase this time around.  They were wrong.  Some cite global turbulence and inflation data here in the US as reasons why a rate hike is not in order

It's Been Too Long...

Where does the time go?  After spending much time and money completely revamping the practice last year, including technology and this website, it was my New Year's Resolution to do a much better job of staying in touch.  I glance at the calendar as I write and it says we are almost done with August.  It is a good thing my diet and exercise resolutions haven't suffered li

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