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Post Election Thoughts Late Nov 2016

The days are getting shorter, the Thanksgiving leftovers are almost gone (the pie was gone a few days ago), and before we know it another year will be in the books.                                          

A Late Summer Market Discussion

Greetings everyone.  I hope these last few days of August find you well.  It is still very much summer in the Midwest with typical heat and humidity in the Sioux Falls area heading into Labor Day weekend.

Here is a truncated look at the markets from last week, thanks to our friends at the Sherman Sheet in St Louis.  I will close with some thoughts on the week ahead.

What to Expect in August

August Updates:

Since mid-July we have been talking about a possible topping in the markets and the potential for some short-term selling.  My models began lessening their exposure to the stock market about the 18th of July and are taking a defensive position as of the 1st of August.  Here are the main reasons why:

Turn Up The Heat - Or Did They Already?

June update from Jason

Summer is here!  After the heat wave this weekend, the rain and cooler temps were a nice refresher.  Check out what the market is doing this warm season. 

They Finally Did It, What Do Rising Rates Mean?

Hello and Merry Christmas to all of you.

Time to sit down and write a few thoughts out before we close the year.  I've been watching the market go up and down for all of 2015 and we are closing in on the final numbers for the year. 

A quick refresher: 

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